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TAKE FUND in a simple words is the WEBSITE  that allowing their members making a BTC direct donations to other members. Similar to regular crowdfunding service website but with the innovation of structural system called matrix. That system only allocate and suggest one member to wich the next person, "member" can donate BTC to make another UPGRADE. System allows for all members participating in donation also receving donation, the maximum value of donation that member can received is 228BTC /mth. Upgrades allows the members to participating in matrix system and also giving a chance of getting higher donation.   System and Take Fund absolutely not restrict for who every user can make a donation, however poinitng the next allocated person. Every user who wish to make direct donation to any member, can do it without participating in matrix system but directly to the members in section "listings" of official forum of Take Fund (currently under an update). However asking members for donating, force them or spamming will not be tolarated.  TAKE FUND NOT SALE ANYTHING; TAKE FUND IS NOT AN INVESTMENT SCHEME, SO THERE IS NO RETURNS ON INVESTMENT. THIS IS ALSO NOT "BE RICH QUICK SCHEME". DONATIONS ARE ONLY IN BTC AND MEMBERS CAN GET MAXIMUM UP TO 228 BTC /MTH

  1. You understand that there is specific guidelines and policies in place.
  1. You also understand that you have to know of how TAKE FUND works before you join TAKE FUND, failing to Step-up (Upgrade, make a 0.02 BTC (bitcoin) donation to the person that invited you or any other allocated by the system) will cause the system to delete your account, you are welcome to join again and get a second 24hour period to decide to participate, failing to participate will get you banned from joining the TAKE FUND community again.
  1. You have read and understood that "Spamming" and or cross recruiting meaning contacting other participants in an attempt to promote ANY other opportunity to ANY fellow TAKE FUND participant is grounds for "Immediate" account suspension which disqualifies you from receiving spill over, new sign-ups as well as donations.

Enjoy giving and receiving donations with TAKE FUND.


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