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General questions
Take.Fund Take Fund is a peer2peer – (person to person) ready made BTC donation system. It is very simple, safe and secure.
When you joining Us, first what you have to do is upgrade the level by donate to your referral or person allocated by system of 1.00 BTC. Then copy and paste to the system hash id of this transaction. Next step is to find 10 (1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1) persons who are happy to make a donation on BTC and get fund well.
All value of donations are are in Bitcoins [BTC]
Take Fund – is registered in BELIZE as non-profit Worldwide organization. Operated and own by the community.
The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
  • Take care about take fund as your regualar and main business You will be succesful more likely then the persons to work more passive.
  • Even if you are new you have the chance – like everyone.
  • If you need help join our wonderfull forum community or facebook group.
Yes, there is a huge funds potential by joinig the Take Fund . First donation amount 1.00 BTC – you can receive only big donations - minimum 1.00 BTC on first level and minimum 2.00 BTC on second level. Total potential is 210 BTC !
There are a number of reasons why you should join us:
  • Absolutely NO.
  • Take Fund is a simple peer2peer ( PERSON TO PERSON) BTC donation (similar to crowdfunding) system. This innovation is called by rumors CROWDBITFUNDING. Legit, registered as non profit organization in BELIZE. We keep our website live by the donations of others – thank you for your support – it helps to grow our community more quicker – it also helps to get refferals for you.
  • In ponzi systems members/users are paying some funds using financial instruments to the system with promises of usual BIG RETURNS on investments - In TAKEFUND, donations (not investments) are being made via BTC and directly to others members by members with no any promises of no investments.
  • In pyramid scheme usually people are being paid by recruting other people, and usually top (first register) person can get paid more then persons registered later. In TAKEFUND we don't pay to people anything. Members donate via BTC to others, allocated by matrix system. Active members can invite others via reflink from backoffice and it may looks like pyramid structure by does not correspond to pyramid illegal commonly reported as above described. THERE IS NOT AN INVESTMENT, NO RETURNS ON INVESTMENT OR BE RICH QUICK SCHEME. DONATIONS ARE ONLY IN BTC AND MEMBERS CAN GET UP TO 210 BTC EVERY 3 YEARS
Yes, Take Fund is based on the safest model of blockchain system by using a cryptocurrency BTC. Also there is NO any money  or funds paid directly to the system, We also don't charge anything for transaction. Our Website is secured, dedicated DDOS protected server based in Europe, mirrored Worldwide with regular backups.
Our standard upgrade/donation plan provides for monthly donations. All donation are being done only to the members. 3 Steps after registration - 1. Make an upgrade by sending BTC donation to the allocated person by system. 2. Add HASH ID (from block explorer - eg. blockchain) of this transaction and wait for at least one confirmation. 3. After this process your reflink will unlocked and you can invite your friends and others to doing this same.
Money & BTC
Bitcoin is WORLDWIDE - 99% countries legal cryptocurrency. You can buy or sell bitcoin on online markets or more information you can find on You can start from opening wallet in or blockchain website.
With just initial donation of 1.00 BTC you can get donations up to 210 BTC EVERY 3 YEARS !
Donations are NOT guaranteed and are voluntary ! 
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