About creator and our community

Hello, my name is Greg Foster, and together with my brother Bob Foster, we are the creators of this online community platform. Our idea was simple - direct person to person donation system. The platform, which is built for users and by users. We have 10 years of experience in internet marketing, after many years of struggle with the possibilities of earning on the Internet, we were looking for a system that will be made by users for all our users.


We have created a community - people helping each other on simple and clear rules.

1. Without Admin - entire platform manages by a group of people also participating in the program - these people are and will be chosen democratically by the other users.

2. Without the contributions to the system - all donations are paid only to the users.

3. Without Scam

4. For everyone around the World - Currently our users comes from 120 coutries

Just donation.

Join our community, donate and TAKE FUND

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